Cycling Gear Every Triathlete Must Have

Cycling Gear Every Triathlete Must Have

Triathlon must haves for the New Jersey State Triathlon

Okay, we are officially just under 3 weeks from the NJ State Triathlon race day, so we here at CGI Racing thought we would provide your triathlon must haves each week.

We know we should start with the swim but really that's the easy packing part of a triathlon.


Love this advice from the fun times guide site - follows our favorite rule KISS (Keep it simple stupid - no offense).  Cycling gear every triathlete must have!

So here are the

  • Must Have
  • A Good Idea
  • Would Be Nice


Guess what #1 is - yes THE BIKE -  road bike vs triathlon bike vs mountain bike, new vs. used.



#2 THE HELMET  - normal road helmet vs aero helmet - helmets are required by USA Triathlon - no helmet no race.




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