Triathlon Essentials

Triathlon Essentials

The Fitcrasher Raced NJ State Triathlon and forgot a few things..that won't happen again.

Triathlon Race-Day Essentials

With all the preparation that goes into training our bodies for a triathlon, sometimes the nitty gritty details of what to pack on race day get overlooked. For example, I just completed the New Jersey State Triathlon and arrived at the expo with a long list of items to purchase. I had completely forgotten to pack many of the essentials and was literally and figuratively paying for it!

To ensure I don’t make the same mistake again, I’ve put together a short list of things to pack for race day. This is a good place to start and I hope it helps as you prepare for your next triathlon, too!

The Basics

·         triathlon kit

·      sunscreen

·      sunglasses

·      water bottles

·      energy gel and drink

·      race belt or safety pins

·      grease rag

·      foam roller

·      body glide

·      electrical tape


·         wetsuit

·      goggles

·      swim cap (provided)


·         bike shoes

·      socks

·      helmet

·      water bottle

·      flat kit

·      bike pump


·          hat

·      bungie shoe laces

Post Race

·         extra set of dry clothes

·      shower-free cleansing towelette

·      towel

·      snack

the fit crasher