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Perfect 10 Miler registration opens on 4/3/17 and 100 lucky women get in for only $25!

Watch Runners Help Fellow Half-Marathoner Across Finish Line
VIDEO GOES VIRAL... From Australia to Asia the Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon and Philadelphia MDO Special Events are really getting a lot of LOVE. This is what it's all about runners! Did we mention one of these men is a UPS driver. Can't do this race without our UPS!
Injury Prevention: Three Cool Down Steps For Runners

After a long run, taking time for a proper cool down is every bit as important as warming up. Check out these three cool down steps from Penn Medicine Sports.

Why Are Warm Ups in Running So Important

Warming up the right way is an incredibly important factor in preventing running injuries especially for your upcoming spring half marathon.

It's A Love Run half marathon Pop Up Run

And after party on February 25, 2017 9AM

The Love Run loves Philly's Parks!

The Love Run has donated more than $50,000 to better our Philadelphia parks

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