New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.20 & 07.21.19


What happens after I sign up online?

You will be contacted within a week or two of signing up with additional information and what you will need to do next. Prior to the race, you will receive an email with specific details regarding your task, responsibilities and shifts, as well as parking information and other helpful instructions. Note: if you signed up as part of a group, you will receive further e-mails from your group Captain.

What if I cannot attend?

Please email as soon as possible to let our volunteer coordinator know, so we can ensure your responsibilities will be re-assigned to another volunteer. If you are with a group/organization, please be sure to notify your group Captain.

What if I cannot work the whole shift?

Once you sign up, we count on you for the full shift and cannot replace you if you leave early. At times, it may appear your area is over-staffed, but please be aware that all shifts are coordinated based on anticipated crowds. We count on each volunteer for help at the busy end of the shift. Please do not leave your post.

May I bring a friend?

Yes! We can always use extra help! Please be sure to have them register online to secure a volunteer position and Volunteer T-shirt.

How should I dress?

We recommend all volunteers wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Please dress in layers to compensate for sunshine to rain and cool to warmer temperatures throughout the day. All race day volunteer jobs will take place outside and this event happens rain or shine.

What should I bring with me?

Clothing appropriate to the weather. We suggest you bring along whatever snacks and beverages that you/your group might want or need for your shift. There is no storage available, so you will have to carry any items you bring with you. Most areas will have a place to set down your belongings, but it will not be secure. 

Can children volunteer?

The minimum age to volunteer is 8 years old. The official age for an unaccompanied child to volunteer is 16, however some positions do allow for children under 16. There must be one adult for every two youths 15 years old or younger. We are sorry but you will not receive a donation for children under the minimum age. We want to ensure the safety of all our volunteers and athletes. Please direct any questions regarding children to the volunteer coordinator at


How many people are required in order to earn money for our group/organization?

You need a minimum of 20 people to volunteer with your group, however there are some tasks with a minimum requirement of 10 volunteers. A group Captain is required for each volunteer group/organization and each job assignment.

What if we have more Volunteers than are needed for a specific job assignment?

Each volunteer job has a maximum number of positions available for that specific job assignment. If your group has more volunteers than the maximum # available and you would like another assignment, that group will be assigned to a different assignment. Please note that you will need one group Captain for each job assignment.

How much money can my group/organization expect for a donation?

Your group/organization will receive a $25 donation per volunteer/per shift.

When will our group/organization receive payment?

A check will be mailed to you within 30 days after the event.