New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.21 & 07.22.18

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Avoid the Winter Work Out Rut

Avoid the Winter Work Out Rut

5 Great Tips From Penn Medicine to stay motivated

The Love Run is in early April, which means most of us are going to have to get our miles in – even in the cold of winter!



It can be difficult to brave the cold, but Penn Medicine shows us five ways to stay motivated and keep active during the cold months.



1. Set Goals

If you're struggling to keep yourself motivated this time of the year, heat things up by challenging yourself with a new goal you'd like to reach. Since most big exercise events and races are in the spring and summer, the winter can be all about getting yourself ready for those events. It can be anything from upping your weight lifting weight, to losing a few pounds, to running a 5K, or running your first half marathon at the Love Run on April 10.


We LOVE #5 nothing gets us more pumped! Add these tips to your training now.