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Base Building Training for the Perfect 10 Miler


COLLEEN - Team Love A Challenge

We are going to start out with the next several weeks as our base building training for our Perfect 10 event. We will be focusing on the following criteria in order to base build toward a better US!

·      Building our aerobic conditioning

·      Strength at this point not speed

·      Focus will be on long runs, hills, interval runs

·      Clean eating for BEST performance

For these next several weeks we will be focusing on our base building. Most base-building phases should be between 6-12 weeks, depending on your background and your plan for the season. DO NOT rush this important phase, as it takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks for the physiological response to this training to take full effect on the aerobic and musculoskeletal systems.

To measure your training volume use mileage or time (in minutes). Start with weekly mileage or minutes that is 60-80% of a typical easy week from your previous training cycle. If you are a more experience runner use the higher end of this range. After two weeks of this volume, increase the volume by 10-15% every week, with a recovery week every two or three weeks.

Incorporate two or three days of cross training and/or time off to allow the body to adapt to the stresses of running.  Not only is this very important to ALL runners, but especially those who are injury prone.  Cross training can be water jogging, elliptical, Yoga, Pilates, swimming, and cycling.  As a runner, I would like to see you add Yoga as a weekly workout no matter what. 

Why do I suggest Yoga? A typical runner experiences too much pounding, tightening, and shortening of the muscles and not enough restorative, elongating, and loosening work. Without opposing movements, the body will compensate to avoid injury by working around the instability. Compensation puts stress on muscles, joints, and the entire skeletal system. This is a GREAT workout for us runners. 

As your mileage gets up there you can even incorporate doubles.  Some find it very helpful to run half the miles in the AM and then the other half in the PM.  Your recover period between runs should be 6-10 hrs.

Once or twice per week, depending on your time allotted, complete one set of six to 12, 20-30-second strides at 90 percent max speed, or slightly less than all-out sprint. Jog easy for two to three minutes between strides. I like to do these in the middle of a run and mix the terrain so some strides are done on flats, up-hills and down-hills.

After four weeks of base training, incorporate a higher intensity effort once per week. A short tempo or threshold can be done in one continuous segment of 15 to 25 minutes, or broken into five-minute segments with a one-minute recovery of easy running in between. Be sure to do 15 to 20 minutes of easy jogging before. The tempo portion can be increased by five minutes each week and, on recovery weeks, should be half of the amount done on non-recovery weeks.

Please feel free to forward all questions to 

Next week we will be discussing the importance of strength training followed by clean eating with some GREAT recipes then moving on to the importance of sleep and injury prevention.


Colleen is Founder of LOVE A CHALLENGE fitness center for woman. From training the gals who walked through her doors is a how the LOVE A CHALLENGE running club was formed. She is a fitness enthusiast and motivator for woman of all ages. Colleen has a degree in Physical Education, Health and Recreation.  She is an NCAA Cross Country Champion at the collegiate level as well as having her Level 1 USATF Coaching Certification. Colleen has also coached for Gloucester Twp. Youth Track & Field. She has recently become a Beach Body Coach as well to add enhancement to the already vigorous workout programs in place at her center.  Her passion is running and spreading the word on how the sport can bring out the best in everyone.  She has taken the unhealthiest gals to levels they could never imagine. When she isn’t glued to her running shoes or training her girls, she spends time swimming, biking, and working in her gardens with her love. She is a mother of 4 and 1 grandson who she adores.

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