New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.21 & 07.22.18

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Beating the Post Marathon/Off Season Blues


Beating the Post Marathon/Off Season Blues!

For many runners this month marked the end of the official marathon season!  We saw many of our favorite friends and family at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo.  We cannot wait to for the next time we are in Philly for the Inaugural Love Run, March 30th.  Congratulations to all that completed races in the past few weeks.  Of course, there are still some big races in the pipelines here and there, but in New Jersey the season seems as if it is almost at its end.  This can lead to some post marathon/off season blues.  Here at CGI Racing, we like to kick those blues by having a blast in the “off season” because the season is never really over, is it?

While you are recovering from the many fun fall races, do not let the blues get you down.   Instead do what we do to keep the party going.  First, remember all of the fun you have had in the past few months.   For instance, we had a blast at the Perfect 10 and cannot wait for next year! 

Next remember to plan ahead.  There is nothing like planning and registering for Spring races to get you through the Winter months.   Take advantage of our low prices for Unite Half Marathon and 8k before the price increase on December 2nd.  Remember to come join us for that amazing race on April 13th.   If you have not yet heard, try out the all-new Love Run in Philadelphia on March 30th.   And of course, do not forget one of your favorite triathlons the New Jersey State Triathlon the weekend of July 19th.  There are so many more options to check out on our website.  So get going, it will be time to train before you know it!

And when you are just about down and out, remember the season is not really over.  Just because it is getting colder outside and marathons are finishing up for the year does not mean you have to stop running!   Of course, this is a great time to recover and build for next season, but it is also a time to enjoy yourself.  The fun is just beginning!  After all, “tis the season” – the season of Turkey Trots, Santa Runs, and New Year’s Day races that is. Get your friends and family involved, pick out a spectacular race costume and just plain old run for fun!  We will see you out there!  Happy running!

Tell us how do you beat those off season/post marathon blues.