New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.20 & 07.21.19

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Train now to finish strong at the New Jersey State Triathlon! Here you will find all the endurance resources including open water swim training, clean eating, injury prevention and the latest in cool race gear and trends.


 For many runners this month marked the end of the official marathon season!  We saw many of our favorite friends and family at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo.  We cannot wait to for the next time we are in Philly for the Inaugural Love Run, March 30th.  Congratulations to all that completed races in the past few weeks.  Of course, there are still some big races in the pipelines here and there, but in New Jersey the season seems as if it is almost at its end.

We can hardly believe it! Where did the Fall go?  How are we at Thanksgiving already?  It seems like just yesterday we were rocking and running at the Perfect 10. Yet, the sooner we get through winter, the sooner we get to the spring, and with the spring comes more and more races.  We can hardly wait!
It is official, as of last weekend, day light savings time has ended, which translates into days being brighter early in the morning and darker earlier in the afternoon/evening.  For those of you runners out there that are used to running after work or just at night in general, things just got a little bit more complex.  Instead of sunsets and bright skies through your evening runs, now it is just, well, dark. 


Last time we blogged, we discussed negative splits.  We explained generally what negative splits were and how are they are to complete.  This time, we wanted to give you all some tips and tricks on how to actually negative split.



This past summer a runner asked another runner before the race, “What is your race strategy for today?”  The runner replied “well, I am going to go out hard, I mean super hard, and then I am going to positive split this course like no other.”  The first runner was quite perplexed as you all maybe at the moment...


Last week we had the special opportunity to host the largest all-women’s race in New Jersey to date.  The weekend was amazing, but overall we were in awe of the women who came out this weekend and showed us what it meant to be a Perfect 10.   We thank everyone for their participation, enthusiasm, and spirit that made this weekend, well, perfect.
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