New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.21 & 07.22.18

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Train now to finish strong at the New Jersey State Triathlon! Here you will find all the endurance resources including open water swim training, clean eating, injury prevention and the latest in cool race gear and trends.


Favorite Fall-Inspired Recipes for Runners

Perfect Recipes

I feel at my best when I am exercising regularly and eating right. Eating seasonally, and whenever possible locally, has become important to me as I learn what foods fuel my body the best way. Ever since I started running years ago, I have been improving my diet by really trying to focus on whole foods. I feel my best and I run my best when I eat right – and I find that it really shows on race day. 

I hope you liked my tips for getting race day ready – I have a few more to add to the list to make sure you are 100% ready to run on race day!

The week of the race I do a little light running to ward off the craziness from  taper madness. My training plan usually calls for a few 2-3 mile runs during the week to relieve some tension and keep my body loose - A little bit goes a long way & it works for me to feel my best for race day! Read More..

Getting Race Day Ready - Part 1


The Perfect 10 Race Day is still a little over a month away but its never too early to start thinking about getting race day ready!  There are a few rituals I have before every race to get me in right mindset to pound that pavement – Check out my favorite ways to get race day ready & feel free to share yours too!

Finding the Perfect Running Club 

I am a BIG FAN of Running Clubs – Pennsylvania and New Jersey are seriously great places to live if you are a runner and looking to get involved with some awesome running groups. Not only are there great races every weekend, {including the Perfect 10 Miler coming up in a few short weeks!} there are also some amazingly beautiful places to train and enjoy running outside in this beautiful weather. Whenever possible, I love running in new areas enjoying the beautiful scenery – it’s such a treat and a great way to change things up in your running routine!

Training for the Perfect 10

I have come across many training plans in my years as a runner. I think finding the perfect training plan is like finding the perfect running shoe – when it works, you know it immediately {and then, if you are like me, you will buy 10 pairs of the same shoe – in different colors of course!} 

Run to Beat the Heat

Signing up for the Perfect Race in the fall means one thing: Training for the race in the Summer Heat. Running in the summer months can be a beautiful thing, but you have to do it the right {and smart} way! Here are a few of my favorite tips to beat the heat & keep you running...

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