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Five Delicious, Easy and Clean Recipes

Five Delicious, Easy and Clean Recipes

Mother's Day may be over but you may still need pampering

Okay ladies Mother's Day is over but that is no reason we should stop pampering ourselves and the best way I know how to do this is staying healthy with easy, clean, eating recipes. I am telling you, you have to do this! If you eat clean and exercise you will see the pounds melt away.  Think lean, lean fighting machine!


Here a my top five clean recipes this week


1. Food For Life Corn Tortilla Chips. If you have not eaten these order them now! My favorite way to eat them...tortillas chips. Bake up the whole bag store them in a freezer bag in your pantry and BAM delicious, clean snack. I eat them with soup, hummus really anything I can dip them in.




Bake them on 375 for 5 minutes and then pop them under the broiler for another 2 (I like them kind of well done). That was easy!


Chopped Kale Power Salad from She Likes Food

            Not a huge Kale lover ( I know what's up with that?) but this is delish and there is no meat involved. I didn't even miss it!


Avocado Lime Rice from the Weary Chef

This is my go to meal side. You can pretty much eat it with anything. Cook up a ton of chicken for the week. Toss it in for a clean, filling dinner. I have even cooked turkey burgers and tossed one on top with all the fixins..just no bun. 


Of course we have to include desserts

            The key to clean eating is don't obsess and give yourself some rewards. If you love them (everything in moderation).


Double Fudge Banana Muffins from Yammie's NoShery

            My daughter whipped these babies up in no time. If this doesn't satisfy your craving nothing will.


Eat Clean Apple Pie from He and She Eat Clean

            It's almost summer and time for picnics so don't miss out on this must have CLEAN apple pie. Everything  is better when you have some pie!