New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.21 & 07.22.18

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Goin’ For The Gold

Going for the Gold 

With the excitement of the 2014 Olympics still fresh in the air, we are feeling, all around us, that quest for the gold medals that the athletes bring to the Olympic games.  These men and women have been training for years to become the top contenders in their sport and in the past two weeks have gone out on the world stage and given it their all.  While our runners are not exactly going for the gold at the Unite Half Marathon and 8K, they similarly train for long periods of time and prepare to run their hearts out on race day. Whether you are trying to set a new Personal Record (PR), complete the race, come in first, or make it to the start line, each of us has our plans for how we hope race day will go.  Here, at CGI Racing we are so proud of all of our runners and want to help you realize your dreams.

When getting ready to tackle race day and all your dreams, we suggest setting some goals just as the Olympians have done.  Setting goals for race day not only allows you to remain focused and motivated in your training, but also gives you something to reach for to allow you to push yourself to the next level, go out of your comfort zone, and try something new. When setting your goals, we suggest having an “A,”  “B,” and “C” goal.  Have one reach, one reasonable, and one fall back goal, this way you can still have a blast and not get too worried about missing any one particular goal.   For example, your “A” Goal may be to set a personal record; your “B” Goal may be to finish in a certain reachable time for you; and your “C” Goal may be to have fun.  Sometimes writing your goals down on a piece of paper and/or posting them in places where you can be frequently reminded of them helps one to continue to work harder.  Remember though, they are goals for a reason.  It is not always possible to reach each and every one or any of them at one race.  But keep at it and you will get there!

Ultimately our goal is for all of our runners to have a safe, happy, and fun race!   If setting goals helps you to do that, then go for it.  If not, that is ok too.  

Tell us do you like setting goals for a race?  Have you set goals for this race yet?