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How To Realistically Train For A Half Marathon

How To Realistically Train For A Half Marathon

It's not about your physical strength.

We love how Rashell tells it like it is. No fartleks, no complicated plan, just one simple bit of advice for training for your first half marathon.

So you're thinking "maybe it's time for me to take the next step (literally) and do my first half marathon". First step, read Rashell's advice (Rashell Habib, because whether it's your first or 100th half marathon this is one bit of advice you will need to pull out nearly every run...every day.

THERE are times in my life where I would watch hours of a TV show I hate because the remote was out of reach. Hi, I’m Rashell and I am about to do a half-marathon.

Okay - not gonna look like Pam Anderson no matter what...

This Sunday morning I will be running 21km in Australia’s first ever Nike Women’s half-marathon. Why? Because why not. I love to run and wanted to give it a go.

Prepping for a half marathon is a hell of a lot more work than I had anticipated, but here is how I did it without giving up much of my social life and free time.

Not gonna cheer for you as you run down the streets of South Philly either..just saying

I have trained three-four times a week for the past 12 weeks. I mixed up running with yoga and circuit training — because let’s face it after a while if you’re not being chased or Messina isn’t giving out free ice-creams then running gets boring.