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I Am Strong – Cross-Training for Runners

I think it’s pretty clear by now that I love running. I also love to set goals for myself and improve my pace, my form and my time. But the funny thing about that is, you don’t always have to run to improve your running. 

The sport of running is all about endurance, strength and speed. To truly make yourself a better running and a more well-rounded athlete, a runner should do more than just run. 

I like to switch up my workout routine’s all.the.time. Aside from running I always make an effort to add a day or two {at least!} of cross-training into my sweat schedule. I am constantly trying out new ways to sweat because I enjoy the challenge of working out new muscles.

But I also know how beneficial cross-training can be for the body, especially because it balances your muscle groups, improves your overall fitness level and reduces your chance of injury {just a few of many reasons why cross-training is awesome!} Plus, let’s be honest – sometimes it just fun to change things up a bit and do something different!

Here are a few of my favorite cross-training workouts {for runners}:

·      Yoga – {specifically Bikram yoga} I love the heat and the stretching is so necessary for runners, especially those training for longer distances.

·      Cross-Fit – Because sometimes picking up heavy weights {under proper supervision} can be really fun!

·      Spinning – I swear, I can run 10 miles, but spinning for 10 minutes is hard work! I love the challenge and am committed to improving – plus it’s a great way to burn calories!

·      Swimming –A great way to workout and easy on the joints!

·      Elliptical – I love the elliptical, especially when it’s too hot, or too cold, or raining outside!

  So this week I challenge you to get out there and try something different – get sweating in a whole new way. I promise, you will be happy you did!

Leslie currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband and her little dog.  She shares her adventures in healthy living in the city on her personal blog, And Her Little Dog Too.