New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.20 & 07.21.19

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Train now to finish strong at the New Jersey State Triathlon! Here you will find all the endurance resources including open water swim training, clean eating, injury prevention and the latest in cool race gear and trends.


It’s Race Week! Philadelphia Marathon Race Weekend is Here

It’s Race Week! Philadelphia Marathon Race Weekend is Here

5 things you should do this week to have a great race day

 Race week prep may be as important as the race itself..okay maybe not but you should still be prepared. You can use this same prep to get ready for the Philly Love Run in the spring.

1.     Respect the Taper

The what??? Yes the taper. I am infamous for disrespecting the taper after all what harm is another 12 mile run to really build my stamina right? Wrong. I have learned the hard way when training for the half marathon the last two weeks is crucial to finishing strong.  Rest your legs but don’t stop running but make them short and easy runs.. to stay loose.


2.     What to Wear or Not to Wear…that is the question?

Philly Marathon Race Weekend can be hit or miss. It can be brutally cold or it could even be warm. However the average temperature at start is 45 degrees and somewhere around 54 at finish. Perfect running weather. LAYER, LAYER, LAYER. Don’t forget to pack your gear check bag. You’ll want dry clothes at finish!

BTW leave the camelbak at home – it is simply extra weight and there are water stops at nearly every mile!

Frank Otto of the Drexel University News Blog has 5 other great things you should remember.


Should You Run with A Pace Group

Our short answer yes! But with everything in running that decision must be made by you the individual runner.  John Goldthorp of Fix Your Run and give a great overview of pace groups and why you may want to consider one this weekend at the Philadelphia half marathon or full marathon.



4.     Set a new PR at the Philadelphia marathon with this powerful race nutrition plan

Don’t over eat or over carb. Too many runners think because you are running a half marathon or full marathon you need excess calories. Not a good idea you actually don’t really need to change your caloric intake at all during race week.


Lindsay Kane and take you right up and through the race with this powerful yet simple nutrition plan. The best thing you can do for yourself is cut out the processed foods. There is nothing and we mean nothing in these foods that do you any good…only harm.


5.     Have a Plan for finishing Strong at the Philadelphia Marathon

Whether it is simply to run the whole race, finish, PR a plan will so important. I have always included in my plan a mental strategy that breaks down the course. I am running the half marathon so I never count how many more miles I have to go. I stay in every mile mentally and congratulate myself on how far I’ve come. Larry Redrow, co race director of the Love Run, counts miles up to 7 then starts to countdown to finish. Good strategy  too! 


Be Well Philly and Cory Smith offer a great cheat sheet to prep for race day: marathon training or half marathon training.  


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Philadelphia Marathon Photo Courtesy of Kait Privitera