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LOVE TO RUN IN THE RAIN? Here are 12 Crazy Tips For You

LOVE TO RUN IN THE RAIN? Here are 12 Crazy Tips For You

Some People Feel the Rain. Others Just Get Wet.


Running in the rain today made us think back to the Inaugural Love Run Half remember torrential downpours, unprecedented rain over the whole weekend, temperatures in the 30's Oh Yeah it was the optimum half marathon for those of you who love to run in the rain.


It made us realize we actually love to run in the rain...think Broad Street Run this year ..who didn't PR?



Here are some practical tips from Run Society for running in the rain along with some added pop of humor. Trust us, you'll need these when training for your upcoming half marathon,10 miler or even 5k.

Seasoned runners know that attitude and preparation are key to maintaining their running commitment, but newbies often decide to ignore the weather and when clouds empty out, they don’t bother to take safety precautions, doing so at their own peril.

Run Society has come up with practical tips to save you from making such mistakes and added a pop of humour to stress the importance of each one!


How to ruin your new shoes

Wear them in the rain despite the fact that they just set you back the equivalent of a week’s salary. Sure, you want to look hot and cool, but don’t you have an old pair of running shoes that would suffice so you don’t sacrifice your designer kicks?

Owning a second pair of running shoes for running in the rain will leave you worry-free, and isn’t that the reason you took up running in the first place?



If you want to attract the wrong kind of attention…

Take an umbrella on your run. First, carrying it can slow you down and if you put it up, your efforts to stay ahead of those raindrops will look comical to passers-by.


Next, if there’s wind gusting at a reasonable rate, your umbrella will invert for sure and you will appear to be a cross between Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee.

Forget the umbrella, get over yourself and pop on a waterproof jacket.


  (psst....they're hysterical)