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New Jerseys Spring Half Marathon Opens Registration

Unite Half Marathon New Jerseys Spring Half Marathon Opens Registration

Wow!  Monday was a blast around here.  As we mentioned earlier in the week, Monday was opening day to register for the Unite Half Marathon.  In honor of the event, we hosted a huge promotion where we drew 25 names each hour out of registered participants.  Those 25 chosen runners were refunded part of their registration fee so that the cost of the Unite Half Marathon was only $17.66.  It doesn’t get much better than that! We had a blast drawing names and were ecstatic about all the early registrations! Congratulations to all 150 lucky winners!  We know it is early, but we are getting excited for race day already.  Is anyone else itching to run?  April will be here before we know it!

There are still some awesome deals going on for Unite Half Marathon registration, so don’t miss out!  Right now, the following deals are available:

·      Half Marathon - $59 through October 1st

·      Half Marathon (for students) - $45 through November 26th

·      8k - $41 through October 18th

·      8k (for students) - $35 through October 18th

We hope you all will join us.   The race is gearing up to be amazing! It is a flat and fast course that takes you around the oldest college campus in the nation. Additionally, there are some awesome perks that are we are excited to share with you.  This year, if you wish, you will have the opportunity to start your own or join another team of your choosing.  Any team with 20 or more runners will have their own free finish line festival tent.   We will also be offering free training plans.  Other perks include: 

·      a performance technical shirt;

·      a unique finisher’s medal that doubles as a bottle opener; and

·      a finish line party featuring our new Coffee and Hot Chocolate Bar

As this is Unite Half Marathon’s fifth year anniversary, if you have been running the race for the entire five years, there are even more perks to check out here. And of course, we will all be out there cheering you on.

So, the question is:  who is in to Unite for 2014?  We sure are!

While we are waiting for spring to come around, it is now officially fall.   Here in New Jersey, runners are out basking in the weather and running all throughout the state.  We cannot get enough of it; there is so much energy and happiness in the air!  We are keeping ourselves busy until spring training starts by getting ready for the Perfect 10 on October 13.  It’s our inaugural all women’s race throughout Mercer County Park. Ladies, feel free to come and enjoy the fun.  Guys, we are looking for you to help out as well.

Tell us what you’re training for this season.