New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.21 & 07.22.18

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Train now to finish strong at the New Jersey State Triathlon! Here you will find all the endurance resources including open water swim training, clean eating, injury prevention and the latest in cool race gear and trends.


Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

            We are about 8 weeks away from the Rutgers Unite Half Marathon and 8k!  We can hardly believe it, can you?   By now, your training is probably in full swing.  You have been running, cross training, and strengthening to prepare for the big day.  While this is a crucial part of getting ready for a race, there are some other important areas to remember to train for or rather practice as well.

            Ever hear someone tell you not to try anything new on race day?  The idea is, if you have not practiced it, you do not know how it is going to go and thus do not want to take the chance of trying something new and it going poorly on race day.  So when do you attempt changes?  NOW!  Right now, while you are training is the perfect time to give it a go.  If you are unsure what to eat for breakfast the day of the race, experiment now.  If you can’t decide if you want to have GUs or Shotbloks while you are running, try them both out during training.   If you are not sure about that new tee shirt and shorts, run in them now (ok, we know it is too cold to go outside for a run in short sleeves and shorts right now but when it gets a little warmer go for it or hit the treadmill).

            As you try out the different options, remember to take notes!  It is easy to remember the things that you loved or hated, but it is also just as easy to forget those things you couldn’t decide on.  After attempting something new, just jot down a few notes in a notebook.  This way you can go back to it later and determine how you want it to come together on race day.  But it is not enough just to have one plan, make sure to have a back up too.   If you are planning on wearing shorts and it is cold on race day (hopefully not), then you may have to wear capris or pants – you will feel more comfortable having tried those out prior to the morning of.

            Finally put it all together.  Once you pretty much have a plan in place, practice, practice, practice!  Each long run can serve as a dress rehearsal for the big day! Try to mimic race day as much as you can so you are prepared come April 13th! 

How do you prepare for race day?