New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.20 & 07.21.19

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Relieve Stress By Adding These 7 Foods to Your Diet

Relieve Stress By Adding These 7 Foods to Your Diet

You'll Be So Excited...Chocolate is on this Diet

Women's Running really nailed it this time. Wine, chocolate, comfort foods AND relieves stress now we're talking!


You know the old addage, "You are what you eat" well this has never been truer. Whether you are training for the Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon, the Rutgers Unite half marathon or a local 5K you need to eat right.

I am always preaching to everyone how easy it is to eat clean but even if you can't commit to clean, you should try incorporating some of these foods below into your diet to keep that stress to a minimum.

Popeye had it right...Spinach

Pour yourself some red wine..this diet is getting better all the time.

Got Chocolate? That's right I am telling you to eat chocolate.