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Runners: How To Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated 

Have you ever gotten to that point in your training where you feel you are in a running rut? You feel like you have been training for weeks & need a break? I’ve definitely been there! It’s important to listen to your body if it’s telling you it needs some time off but it’s also key to stay motivated & keep your eyes on the prize {at the finish line}.

I think it’s so important to keep any training plan fresh, new and exciting. You might have to work a little bit in the beginning to find out what really motivates you but it will definitely pay off in the end! Here are a few of my favorite ways to stay motivated in the weeks before race day:

1.     Set a Goal – Give yourself a specific goal in your upcoming race. Set yourself up for success but definitely challenge your body & your mind. It will make victory that much sweeter in the end!

2.     Do it with a Buddy – Everything’s better with a running buddy.

3.     Train in new places – Get out of your running rut by changing up your running route. Or try a new fitness class to get your sweat on! Keep up your endurance and change up your training routine to keep it fresh & exciting!

4.     Reward Yourself – Set a few small goals during your training plan & reward yourself when you achieve them. Could be a new pair of running shoes, a massage or a special meal – acknowledge your commitment & treat yourself when you can!

5.     Just Have Fun! – If you aren’t having fun then why do it? Remember to smile and enjoy each moment!

What’s your #1 tip for staying motivated?

Leslie currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband and her little dog.  She shares her adventures in healthy living in the city on her personal blog, And Her Little Dog Too.