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Running Is Not Just A Solo Sport

Running is not just a solo sport

Marathon training is in full swing.  Twitter and Facebook are jammed packed with messages announcing runs spanning from 5 miles to 20 miles.  Regardless of how many miles you are logging these days, each runner has their own preference on whether they like to run alone or with others.  Some runners enjoy running solo.  They find peace and quiet in their runs and see it as a time where they can be alone with their thoughts or listen to music or a book on tape.  For others having a running partner, running with someone, or joining a running team/club is crucial to their training.

What is it about running with someone that is so special?  If you are considering running with someone, joining a team, or the like, here are some insights into the pros of doing so.   On another day, we will explore the benefits of solo running, but today let us focus on running with friends.  

Top Three Reasons To Run with Others

1.     Fun – Time flies when you are having fun.  We all love running, but it gets tough out there.  Sometimes it’s very cold or hot and sometimes you are running for quite a while.  Running with others can just be plain old fun!  Chatting while running or simply being with another person adds even more enjoyment to running and makes the miles go by faster than you can imagine.

2.     Support & Encouragement – Some days you go out for a run and everything is perfect.  You hit your pace and you feel good.  Other days, it is just plain hard – the miles seem long and it can hurt.  When you have someone else by your side, they can serve as a means of support and encouragement.  They can get you through those really tough miles.  Remind you, what you know deep down, that you are a great runner and you can do this!  Having that person by your side helps you when the going gets tough.

3.     Friendship – Many people find that running partners become more than just some person you run with.  They become great friends.  You look forward to your runs not just to run but to catch up with your buddy.  You go through a lot together training, you talk about everything and anything, and somewhere in the middle of it all you create a friendship, a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Whether you chose to run with someone all the time or just sometimes, there are clear benefits.  CGI Racing understands this and therefore at Unite Half Marathon you will have the chance to team up with friends, family, and fellow runners.  Each person will have the opportunity to join a team.  It is not mandatory; it is just an option if you would like to take advantage of it.   If not, we will still welcome you with open arms. Can’t wait to hear more?  If you are interested, stay tuned for next time to read all about joining a team for Unite Half Marathon!

Do you like to run with others?  Why or why not?