New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.20 & 07.21.19

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The Easiest, Clean Eating Grocery List: Trader Joe’s

The Easiest, Clean Eating Grocery List: Trader Joe’s

This may be the best, easiest clean eating list ever!


We can't say enough how great this clean eating grocery list is from Runs and Roses. Whether it's Trader Joe's or Average Joe's grocery store this is all you need to start and stay clean eating. There is so much easy, great advice from the "if you don't buy it you can't eat it" theory to clean eating does not have to be expensive or all or nothing.



Trust us you will feel so much better crossing that finish line once you have dumped those processed, weigh you down foods. 

Included here are produce, grains, nuts, dairy, goodies and more.

You don't have to give it all up remember everything in moderation so toss a few of these into your cart every now and then. 



Or toss one of these into your stomach....It is a carb you know.