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Three Tips to Negative Splits

Three Tips to Negative Splits  

Last time we blogged, we discussed negative splits.  We explained generally what negative splits were and how are they are to complete.  This time, we wanted to give you all some tips and tricks on how to actually negative split.

1.     Have a plan  - Before your race or your run, take a moment to assess your body, goals, and course.  How are you feeling?  Have you been sick all week? If so, maybe you need to take it easy today.  Have you rested a ton and feel ready to go all out, great!  Remember to think about injuries or nagging problems that are bothering you and how your training is going these days.   Once you assess that, be sure to remember your goals.  What is your purpose of this run? Are you at your goal race?  Is this a run during taper?  Is this a training run?  Depending upon how you answer will depend upon what your plan is.  Finally, look at the course, is it really hilly early on and flat later?  Is it prone to lots of wind?  Will it be very crowded in the beginning?  Again all of this will affect your race.   Once you have all of this information, it is time to develop a plan on a general pace for each mile to create negative splits.

2.    Stick to the plan - Now that you have a plan, stick to it.  When you go out on race day and your plan says start slow, then start slow!! Do not get caught up in the race fever.  RUN YOUR OWN RACE!  Sometimes, people find pace bands, bands, bands that are worn around your wrist and have your pace per mile written on, to keep you in check.  Others like wearing a watch and having a plan in their head to stick with.

3.     Readjust the plan – Unfortunately the best-laid plans go awry.  It happens. You may want to start at a 9-minute mile, but your legs say 9:30.  You may be right on track and all of a sudden become very tired in the last few miles and not make your pace goals.  That is OK!  Readjust, stay positive, and keep on going.  Negative splits are not easy.  It is not the end of the world if you do not complete your goal for this race.  Keep yourself motivated, have fun, and learn from each experience.

Have you tried to negative split?  What is your advice to do so?