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Top Reasons Why Running with Friends is Amazing

Top Reasons Why Running with Friends is Amazing

And Why the Bosom Buddies Relay is A Must Do

Top Reasons Why Running with Friends is Amazing

And Why the Bosom Buddies Relay is A Must Do


We know women are amazing and therefore running with women is most definitely amazing! And that is why we have created the Bosom Buddies Relay at the 2015 Perfect 10 Miler.  So if you want to know why running with friends, and better yet the Bosom Buddies relay, is a must do - here's why;


1. You'll always have someone to run with. Not quite as easy to skip that training run when your "bosom buddy" has promised you they will be there. How 'bout beating boredom. There is nothing better than chatting away (or venting) as you run away the stress of your day.


2. Variety is the spice of life. So true from 20 years old to 70 years old this is your chance to meet tons of awesome women from all walks (or runs of life).


3. They  love when you post about running and you love when they post about running. Face it (no pun intended) those posts aren't going to like themselves.


4. You have someone to enjoy race day with.  This race, and all women in it,  is all about teams and the celebration of women (inside and out) and who else better to do it with than you bosom buddy.


5. They get you to the finish. After all you're not going to let your teammate down and not dare cross that finish line. The whole time you'll both be thinking "what would (insert friend's name here) do?". Finish - that's what a strong, beautiful, FUN friend would do.


The Perfect 10 Relay is the perfect distance for both new and seasoned women runners to grab your best bud and join us for an incredible life changing experience.  You'll each run (or walk) 5 miles with one starting at the Perfect 10 start line and the other starting at the designated chip exchange.


5 Miles. 2 Women. 1 Finish Line You'll Never Forget.


Get more details now on the Bosom Buddy Relay.