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Top Reasons Why You Keep Working Out But You Aren’t Losing Weight

Top Reasons Why You Keep Working Out But You Aren’t Losing Weight

I run a lot. Why Am I Not Losing Weight?


I'm out running this weekend, (and by the way the weather at the Jersey Shore was incredible) and I had a really long run so if you know me, you know I come up with "topics" to keep me entertained. 

What popped into my head on Saturday is a question I get all the time (don't ask why people ask RD's these things- as they say on Star Trek....."I'm a race director Jim not a dietician" for all you trekkie) Why am I not losing any weight but I work out/run all the time?

Listen up ladies whether you're walking a mile or running 10 miles, the answer is always the same.

You are what you eat!!! There are two things you need to remember eat clean...get lean.

It may not be bathing suit whether but who wants to have to shed 15 extra pounds in the Spring because we ate up in the winter.

5 Reasons Your Not Losing Weight

1. Your Eating the Wrong Foods....check out my clean eats page for getting started. Great ideas featured here.





2. Processed Foods Are A Big Part of Your Diet . Buzzfeed nailed it on this one.

Like lots of women you are training for a half marathon and after each run you down a few energy bars.....NOOOOOOOO! Don't ever touch these again.




3. You try all different diets all the time - thankyou Buzzfeed. OK RULE #1 don't ever use or say the word diet again. Simply choose fresh over fake.  



4. Kind of goes with #3 - ANALYSIS PARALYSIS featured on fit and You over think it. If you can't kill it (not literally) or grow it, don't eat it AND you need to burn more calories than you take in ...Wow that was rocket science.



5. Lack of Movement - Fit and Yes you are running or walking but are you 1) burning more than you eat, 2) are you lifting weights (not a lot but some are a must).  You need to love the burn (and the sweat). Right ambassador Tracye!



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