New Jersey State Triathlon - 07.21 & 07.22.18

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We Love You Brings Love To The New Jersey State Triathlon

On Sunday, July 20th, more than 250 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation came out to support triathletes at the New Jersey State Triathlon at Mercer County Park in West Windsor, NJ.  These volunteers lined every area of the course to make this race a very special, energetic experience for everyone.

As written by the We Love You Foundation

Driving in from as far north as Queens and Long Island, volunteers arrived on location at 5:00am. Despite the early hour, they came ready with energy and enthusiasm to encourage over 2,500 triathletes who came from across the country to compete in the largest triathlon in the state of New Jersey, an award winning feat in itself to make it across the finish line.

Days before the event, WeLoveU volunteers scoped the park to map areas of need for the athletes. Places of struggle, like difficult hills, areas far from the finish line, and abandoned corners where encouragement was far away. In these places, chants of all kinds could be heard to help push the athletes that extra distance.


New Jersey State Triathlon


Volunteers prepared special cheers to usher participants through water stops and transition points, from swimming to biking and biking to running. With nonstop enthusiasm, they were hard at work, always with a smile and encouraging chants that could be heard from anywhere in the park. These special cheers of encouragement were the driving force behind bringing out a smile on the athletes faces and delivering much needed hope to them at the toughest times. Among all the cheers, the words ”WeLoveU” became a special reminder and spark, to ignite the flames of perseverance in the hearts of every athlete.


Volunteers lined otherwise empty streets, cheering loudly with pompoms and signs to revive athletes' spirits.

Volunteers could be seen, in a wave of blue shirts, at the finish line awaiting every winner who came across; even to the very last one. They delivered medals and awards on stage to the athletes in winning places and spread the joy and power of love.


New Jersey State Triathlon


Following the example of the Chairwoman Zhang Gil-Jah, who encourages the world to fulfill good deeds and share good words, the volunteers made every effort to stand with the athletes in their battle toward the finish line. With the love of a mother, who always encourages her children to overcome the difficult stages in life, the WeLoveU volunteers displayed the power of love in full force during a day of extreme competition, with extreme encouragement and extreme excitement. WeLoveU hopes these words and enthusiasm will be engraved always in the hearts of the triathletes, and would like to congratulate everyone who came out, for being a winner in today’s event!


New Jersey State Triathlon