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Yoga vs Running

Yoga vs Running

Sometimes I am a Yogi. Sometimes I am a Runner. But most of the time, I am both. Pounding the pavement multiple times a week for training runs can take a serious toll on the body. No matter what big race I am training for, I always make time for yoga, Pilates and strength training in my weekly routine because I know my body needs it!

Hot yoga has been a new mini obsession of mine for a while now– and while it has been so very different from my running routine, it has been amazing to incorporate into my schedule! I swear I have never sweat so much in my entire life as I have sweat in an hour and a half of hot yoga {and I have run 3 marathons!!} It’s always a tad weird leaving my running shoes at home, but I am sure they are just as excited for this break from running as I am!  

I love the fact that with proper training, I can push my body to tackle mileage I never thought I could reach – like 26.2 miles! I think like running for the same reason I like yoga – the challenge.

Yoga does not come easy {at all} to me, but I like it so much more because of that. The focus on flexibility and stretching my body to new limits has always been a bit of a struggle, but like reaching new miles in running, I enjoy working towards mastering new poses and improving my personal practice.   

Like running, in yoga I enjoy the competition I have with myself, each and every class.

Different exercises in yoga have different purposes and to be truly fit I enjoy working my body in different ways. I know my running can only benefit from being more flexible and stretching more in my yoga practice. Yoga for runners is a win-win in my book – what do you think?

Are you a runner or a yogi? Which do you prefer?

   Leslie currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband and her little dog.  She shares her adventures in healthy living in the city on her personal blog, And Her Little Dog Too