New Jersey All Women's Perfect 10 Miler- 10.22.17



5 Fun Miles. 2 Best Buddies. 1 Finish You'll Never Forget.


The Bosom Buddy Relay consists of a 2 person team completing the 10 Miler race; running 5 miles each. Team member one will start at the Official start line of the Perfect 10 Miler and exchange their chip with their team mate at mile 5 (inside Mercer County College) on the course.

How To Register for the Relay:

1. You only enter ONCE per relay. There is an option for relay team on the form.

2. You will be asked for your teammate's contact information (and shirt size) on your entry form when registering.

3. You will pay only the current fee posted. You will then have your bosom buddy pay you half (unless you're treating of course).

Basic Rules of the Relay:

1. You must have a two-woman team to compete.

2. You may walk but you must finish the race within the same time limits as those competing in the full 10 mile race.

3. All relay members, including the person completing the second leg of the race,  must be either at the Official start line (and then move to the chip exchange) or at the Chip exchange PRIOR to race start. No one will be permitted into the chip exchange area after the start of the race.



Do We Both Get Finish Medals?

Yes. you both get all the great perks of the individual competitors.

Can I just run 5 miles as an individual?

No. you cannot just do 5 miles without a teammate. Sorry.

Will there be shuttles?

Yes. There will be shuttles to and from the start and the chip exchange. Athletes only on the shuttles.

Where is the chip exchange located?

The chip exchange is located at mile 5 inside Mercer County College. You may walk to it which is about 1.5 miles from the start.

Can I switch from the individual race?

Yes you may switch from the individual to a relay. You must pay the difference in entry fees.




THRU 5.31.17