New Jersey All Women's Perfect 10 Miler- 10.22.17


You Are The Perfect 10


Ambassadors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and passionate about running, who embody the active lifestyle. They build relationships within the local community and generate a buzz about the Perfect 10-Miler. You are the eyes and ears of the race and we want you to have a blast now through race day sharing the love! 

As a Perfect 10 Ambassador you must commit to the following;

1. To share with other women about the race on a regular basis.

2. To embody the message of the Perfect 10 race.

3. Visit Perfect 10 and other social media sites regularly, to create race buzz.

4. Provide CGI runner feedback so we can continue to improve the race experience.


  • Each ambassador receives a 1/2 price entry to the 10 miler.
  • Fantastic additional perks and prizes may be earned through the CGI Racing incentive program.
  • Honor of being entered into the Perfect 10 Awards competition that will recognize a woman or team of women who personify the Perfect 10 message.
  • Helping young women see their inner and outer beauty and to encourage a lifetime of self-esteem.

Apply to become a Perfect 10 Ambassador Now

Perfect 10 Ambassadors

You are the voice of the race.

Our ambassadors are essential partners in raising awareness about CGI Racing events and programs. As the heart and soul of CGI’s efforts to educate the public, brand ambassadors communicate about the Perfect 10-Miler, share the importance of our company’s message, create excitement and promote registration.

You have made a mark on other women in the endurance community and continue to personify the Perfect 10 image through the life you lead.  You are an image that reflects women who are beautiful inside and out.


1. APPLY to be a Perfect 10 Ambassador

2. Share your photos with us as you train for the Perfect10.

3. Like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter, and be sure to follow us on Instagram, too! 

We'll be in touch shortly after Perfect 10-Miler registration opens with more details.