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Our team of great women supports The Endeleo Project, an organization that helps vulnerable populations around the world gain access to educational opportunities. We support several great organizations run by women. The contributions we receive from this race will go to The Barrio Planta Project, a great Nicaraguan NGO run by a brilliant young woman.

Led by David Hersh

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The "We Dream Team" is a group of dedicated athletes who help to make dreams come true for children with special needs and their families. Team members are athletes of all abilities who participate in running races, cycling, swimming, and triathlons to raise funds to support the outstanding educational, recreational, and social programs offered by the non-profit organization Autism Family Times with Brianna, Inc. based in Fanwood, NJ.

We are thrilled to be a part of the Inaugural Perfect 10 Miler because we want to continue to encourage and support women athletes to challenge themselves and reach new goals. Can't wait to see everyone cross the finish line!

Training near Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood area

We are WAVES, Women.Athletes.Endurance.Sports. and we are a team of comitted athletes who find beauty, confidence and strength in our endurance sports training and racing!

Victorious Secret is a group of women inspiring other women to be healthy, active and to enjoy life. Our secret: Be yourself, have fun and enjoy dessert. Each day we aspire to be a better version of ourselves. Some days we succeed and some days we learn from our mistakes but no matter what continue to try.

Training near all areas


Transform CrossFit women are a Perfect 10 because we are a community of fit, strong, smart women and we are passionate about our health!

We all come from different fitness backgrounds, but we love to workout together, as well as with our male athletes. We encourage each other to finish and to give the best of us every time, and we support each other in the process of becoming better athletes and better people!

Training near Transform CrossFit


We are a tough bunch of ladies! This a team of women of all ages from all walks of life. Some of us are experienced runners and triathletes, some of us are just starting out. Each of us runs for a different reason, but we all love to have fun along the way!

Training near New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Because we wake up each day striving to be the best "10" we can be.
Brought together in search for a Porta Potty!

Training near Bucks and Mercer Counties

Team Triumph is a diverse community of women who are fit, strong, and healthy. These beautiful women have made a choice to TRIUMPH over life's obstacles and dedicate themselves to a active lifestyle. These EMPOWERED woman not only support, encourage, and inspire each other but also their families, communities, and beyond.

Training near Mt Laurel/Sicklerville NJ


The fabulous females of Ryan’s Quest are a group of strong woman who come together for one purpose – to raise awareness and funding for Duchenne muscular dystrophy with the purpose of allocating funds for research that has the greatest potential of finding a cure for this fatal disease.

Everyday two boys die of Duchenne….it doesn’t need to be this way in the future. Every dollar today, means a chance for boys with Duchenne to have a tomorrow. Join Team Ryan’s Quest for the Perfect 10 miler and help us ladies prove we are stronger than Duchenne!!

Training near Mercer County Park & various locations


Our team of great women supports The Endeleo Project, an organization that helps vulnerable populations around the world gain access to educational opportunities.

We support several great organizations run by women. The contributions we receive from this race will go to The Barrio Planta Project, a great Nicaraguan NGO run by a brilliant young woman.


We are a Perfect 10 because we are doing good for others while doing our bodies good. Running to help support kids who are battling pediatric cancer ~ it's a win/win all around!!! Crossing that finish line in support of children who are fighting for their lives ~ that's what being a Good Cookie is all about.

That's what makes us a Perfect 10!!!

Training near Hunterdon County NJ


Surviving Strong is about living healthy and strong so that we can handle whatever challenges life may bring. Some of us have a history of cancer and others know that cancer can happen to anyone.

We are ambassadors for health, people at all levels of ability, and together we fight cancer through fitness. We use our most powerful tools -- our bodies, our minds and our hearts. Together we learn, train, laugh and build the bonds of friendship. Be Amazing. Be Strong. Surviving Strong.

Training near Yardley/Newtown PA


We are a group of women ranging in age from 23 to 58, from brand new runners to seasoned marathoners.

Training near all over NJ


We are a non profit 501c3 club with RRCA. We host charity events including a 5k/10k race that raised over $25,000. We encourage women to meet their fitness goals, and to maintain health and and active lifestyle through positive peer motivation.

Training near Manahawkin NJ


We are a group of women achieving goals that a few years ago were thought to only be dreams. Many of our members also compete in triathlon. We thrive on teamwork, supporting each other we are stronger, faster, fitter, and bigger risk takers. We recently had 24 club members compete in a half ironman triathlon. It was amazing!!!!

Training near Somerset Hills YMCA, Basking Ridge NJ


A community of strong women making strides towards living healthy and challenging ourselves daily.

Training near Union County NJ


Team Running on Love is a community of runners who are dedicated to bettering their lives by choosing to Give Love and Touch the Lives of other people in need. We are dedicated to run in honor of our loved ones while fundraising and supporting noble and worthwhile causes.

Training near Northern NJ


Team Run For Fun is exactly what it sounds like. We run for FUN! Fun can mean crossing that finish line with a shiny new PR, pacing a friend at her first race, coming back postpartum or post injury, or hugging your friend who you just ran a 5k or 10 miler with at the finish line...

This team is about what running should be about - happiness and fun - and that is whatever it means to you. You could think you are the fastest or the slowest. Either way, we want you to come along on this journey! Join us! Lets have a blast and be the Perfect 10 Together!


It's not a race. It's a journey. As mothers, sisters, daughters and friends, we are all on different journeys in life. Here is an opprtunity to come together to celebrate who we are and encourage each other along the way...

Training near Somerset/Mercer County NJ

We are a mix of women from the Mercer County area who share a love of running. Some of us train/run right here where the Perfect 10 event is being held, Mercer County Park. Running brings us together but its the conversations had and the relationships made (while running) that keep us together. GO RAP!

Our mission is to connect women in pursuit of health and fitness and empower them to find and develop their athlete inside.

Our values are to: foster a balanced lifestyle, encourage camaraderie, welcome female athletes of every level, and inspire.

Training near Mercer County NJ


We are a team of incredibly attractive, strong, intelligent and talented therapists!!! WE are totally committed to raise self awareness for a positive self image in women of all ages.

Training near Veterans Park, Hamilton NJ


The PERFECT FEET are a Perfect 10 because....
we are women of strength, endurance, faith, courage, persistence, passion, wisdom, power, bravery and commitment; Its what makes any woman a perfect ten ...not 36-26-36. its the strength to be the best that we can be, sharing our individual talents with each other and inspiring the next generation and

We are THE Perfect 10 because...We were created in Gods perfect image and He doesn't make mistakes

Training near Fleet Feet, North Wales PA

Nutrition in Motion

Training near North Wales, PA

Moms In Motion, Inc. is a national women’s health and fitness community based on three basic principles:  fun, fitness and philanthropy.  It started when a group of eight women met in founder Jamie Allison’s Santa Barbara, CA living room and committed to train together for a triathlon in the summer of 1999. 

Training near Bergen County NJ



Our team is a Perfect 10 because we teach each and every girl to have a positive self image and we encourage girls to love themselves for who they are.

We come from all walks of life. We are a great support system for one another. We have beginners to marathoners...

Training near Franklinville, Williamstown, Clayton NJ

Kickin' Your Asphalt

The Jersey Girls StayStrong Multisport Club and its Perfect 10 team consisting of like-minded female athletes committed to friendship, fitness, strength, emotional well-being and health awareness.

Consider joining the Jersey Girls StayStrong Multisport Club as part of its Perfect 10 Team (membership not required). Club members range in age from 25-70, encompass a wide range of athletic ability, shapes and sizes and are all a Perfect 10....come find out why!

Training near Central and Southern New Jersey

We are a Perfect 10 because we encourage others to be a Perfect 10.

To train, to embrace the pain and to be the best we can. To love the sports we do and support each other all the way.

Training near Vineland/Millville NJ

HQ Kickin Asphalt Team is the Perfect 10 because they inspire and motivate each other to give their 100%, they support each other's differences, highlight each other's assets, while continuing to improve on areas of weakness.

They are a selfless group of women who will put their workout last if it means helping one of their TEAM members.

Training near Flemington NJ


We are women, moms, friends, teachers, sisters, and/or part of our wonderful Hopewell Valley community in Mercer County. We are all embracing who we are because we are a Perfect 10! We are All-Starz.

Training near Pennington NJ


The Holland Hotties are an active group of moms from Holland Township NJ in Hunterdon County. 

In their"spare" time they try to stay in shape, and running/walking with gal pals became a fun way to exercise (and chat!) while training for their next race.  They are all "Hotties" setting an example for their children that its important to make time for ourselves, not only to keep up our health but also our friendships.

Training near the rural country roads of Holland Township

Our Girls on the Run team is a group of women that support the GOTR mission and raise funding to provide program scholarships to girls in low income areas to give them the opportunity to participate in a life changing program that they would not otherwise have access to.

Learn. Dream. Live. Run

Training near Central NJ

Go Mama Go empowering women to make their health a priority and set a positive example for future generations. We Are Go Mama Go!

Training near Bel Air Maryland


Girls Run Wild

Willing to go the extra mile.
Igniting the fires that burn within, while constantly challenging ourselves.
Life loving and living in the moment, embracing who we are and what we do.
Determined to be the best we can be.

That’s us, Girls Run Wild! We are a dynamic and diverse group of women, not only wild about running, but wild about supporting and inspiring each other to be just a little bit better today than we were yesterday. We run for the love of it, for the mental clarity and the rush it brings, enjoying the camaraderie of a fantastic group of women while we reap the wonderful benefits of our sport. The women of Girls Run Wild know that the goals we set for ourselves on the course, carry over to our everyday lives. If we can dream it, we can run it, we can do it! Run wild with us!


Girls Gone Running team is located in Hamilton NJ

Training near Hamilton NJ


We are a community of fun, fit mama making strides in health and fitness and supporting each other in motherhood everyday. We enjoy working out with our kids and setting an early example for them with a healthy, active lifestyle.

Training near all locations in the US


We're joining together to raise money for Family Promise of Hunterdon and the wonderful women who both benefit from our services and all of the gals who support them. We're talking about the moms who seek our shelter services to the program graduates who are now safely housed, as well as the hundreds of female volunteers who provide: love, support, home-cooked meals, respect, safety, and companionship.

Family Promise of Hunterdon County is the only homeless shelter in Hunterdon County. We provide shelter through our Interfaith Hospitality Network shelter program and the 51 host and support congregations in our county who provide facilities, meals, and wonderful volunteers. The overwhelming majority of our guests are single mothers and this is our opportunity to really support and celebrate them

Training near Hunterdon County


A group of women who are striving to meet realistic fitness goals to improve their self confidence, self image and ultimately their lives!

Training near Morrisville, PA


We are the incredible ladies from the Dow Jones Health Club. A diverse group of women, ages 18 - 60, different shapes and sizes. We are co-workers, wives, girlfriends,moms, aunts,sisters,and grandmothers. Join this team if you want to have fun and be fit!

Training near Dow Jones Health Club

Come join us! We are a group of Helping Divas with loving hearts and souls committed to humanitarian efforts, caring for animals and the environment where we play.

Each day we live in gratitude and support each other to find strength to move forward (much like running) despite what life throws at us. We love creating harmony by spreading love, laughter and joy. We promote a healthy body, mind and spirit and encourage everyone we meet to join in this journey! Team Divas Help4Life loves to celebrate each moment as Life is a Gift as we know it... Cheers!

Training near Hainesport, Moorestown, Mt Laurel, Medford area
About 2 years ago, a group of lovely ladies from two sister South Jersey towns found that they had similar passions. A commitment to running as a means for lifelong fitness. A desire for regular gatherings to talk, laugh and occasionally consume adult beverages. Most importantly, a strong passion to support and be supported by each other despite our wide range of paces. Today, Creek Road Running Club is a tight-knit group of wickedly funny, charming, strong women who support each other in all their running escapades.

The Central Jersey Tri Club is a community organization that shares information through group trainings, informational workshops, friendship and fun. This club was established to enable individuals over the age of 14, of any skill level and capability to achieve their multistory goals.

Training near Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Westfield


We're just a bunch of babes looking for a good time...whoops we mean good run! If you are between the ages of 0 - 100 you'll fit in with us just fine. We train in and around the Mercer County area.

Training near NJ and PA


We are group of loving moms and sisters who care for our families and each other. We are often sighted on the bleachers of various baseball fields throughout New Jersey in support of our sons and brothers. Together we have begun a fitness journey through boot camp, hiking, walking and running. Together we are the Perfect 10.

Training near Princeton NJ


Welcome to BGR! Morrisville (PA), serving Mercer County, NJ and Lower Bucks County, PA

Supporting women on their fitness journey by encouraging exercise and healthy lifestyle.

Join our team now Black Girls RUN and have FUN!

We are three generations of women who are strong, intelligent and love our family. We work hard in school, at our jobs and make time to stay physically active. We embrace our bodies and love ourselves.