New Jersey All Women's Perfect 10 Miler- 10.22.17


My Beauty Is Within

In today’s society where there is an unusual obsession with body image, it is so important to learn to love who you are and even more important to teach young girls to love who they are.

And so we give you the Perfect 10. It’s not just a running race, it’s not just a lifestyle event, it is our chance to start changing the way we look at ourselves and others every day.  It is your chance to celebrate with your family, with your girl friends, with thousands of women from all over the nation.

A chance to celebrate who you are inside and out. Every woman in this race represents a Perfect 10. Some with incredible stories of triumph, others with incredible stories of inspiration and others still who simply live life to the fullest every day.


The Perfect 10 Project 

Over the next year our mission is to improve the self esteem of as many girls and women as we possibly can through your voices, through our events and by sharing resources that will make every girl (and woman) know they are A PERFECT 10.

Dove Self- Esteem Project

We encourage you to share this great initiative by Dove that offers so many wonderful resources. 


We want to hear why you are the Perfect 10?

Share your story with us.

Each month we honor another woman from the region. All women are entered to be the recipient of the Perfect 10 Honor on race weekend.

Applications Being Accepted Now for Perfect 10 She-Roes & Perfect 10 Ambassadors

Tell Us About Your She-Roes

Ambassadors Apply Now

The Perfect 10™ Honor

One woman or group of women will be honored as the Perfect 10. They personify our definition of a Perfect 10 – one who inspires and empowers others to see their inner beauty, knowing it will make a greater change in the world one woman at a time.  

We want to see your photo's, today, on course, on race day. We'll be giving prizes and free race entries. Be sure to share your race day memories by using hashtag #IAmThePerfect10.

Fans you can share and win too! 



What’s a race without the fans?  So bring your FAN-atics. Tell your family and friends they must come out to cheer you to finish and share your wonderful accomplishment.   That’s right more cowbell, more inspirational signs, and lots more cheering. Let us hear you at the Finish. Give our announcer custom messages and he’ll give your runner a personal “SHOUT OUT”.