New Jersey All Women's Perfect 10 Miler- 10.22.17


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  Latest Teams
11th Hour Racing
11th Hour exists because no family should endure the added burden posed by financial hardship while they are fighting through critical illness.
Black Girls Run

We are a women only team and we welcome all women, walkers, runners, woggers...

Body Project women are a Perfect 10 because we're perfectly imperfect!
Dolphin Mode
We are strong, hard working, smart, & independent women ready to take on this challenge!
Girls on the Run SoleMates
Our GOTR SoleMates team, like our GOTR girls, believe that all you have to do to be a Perfect 10 is to "Have fun, Be Yourself and Try your Best!" 
This TEAM is about going further than we might ever have alone. Support each other through, each bead of sweat, each step, each mile, with each lofty goal we work hard to crush, we understand each other.
Jersey Women Strong
Jersey Women Strong is a health and fitness team for women, located primarily in the Northern New Jersey area.
Latinas in Motion
We are supportive to one another and welcome new members everyday. You don't have to be Latina! you just have to stay in motion!

The Mullica Hill Women's Tri Club (MHWTC) is an all female non-profit club created in 2009 to empower women in our community to achieve personal fitness goals, develop their inner athlete and raise awareness for important causes. 

Out of Boundaries
We are an inspiring group of women. We lift each other up, cheer each other on and give selflessly to each other.
Pretty Tough
Despite our different backgrounds, we are running together to show we are empowered, we are independent, and no matter what life brings, we will conquer it all. 
Princeton House

We are a group of therapists who enjoy running for improved physical and mental health, and strongly believe in the importance of running to bring awareness for improved self-esteem, better mental and physical health and a connection to others! !  

Run with the Girls

We are a group of "sole sisters"! 

We are educators and health care workers from diverse age groups and backgrounds running to show everyone is a Perfect 10!
We are all women with all different backgrounds and stories. There are no egos, no competitions, we do this because it is what we love.

StrengthHopeRun is a diverse community of women who are fit, strong, and healthy. These EMPOWERED women not only support, encourage, and inspire each other but also their families, communities, and beyond.

Our chapters and communities provide opportunities for female veterans and the community to connect through social and physical activity.
United Strength Academy
We are Warriors! We strive each day to reach our greatest potential - taking risks and meeting challenges head-on.