New Jersey All Women's Perfect 10 Miler- 10.22.17


Team UP

Team UP™ for the Time of Your Life

Ladies we all know we really don't go anywhere alone (you know the old bathroom adage) and it's the same with running. It's is so much fun when you finish with a team. The Perfect 10 has hundreds of teams from local running and triathlon clubs to fitness groups to corporate teams, so let us know where your located and we'll hook you up with incredible ladies in the running community working towards the same goal~

Have Fun and Finish Strong!




NEW FOR 2017

Team Captain Super Hoodie! Put together a Super Team of 50 or more and you, as the captain, get a great Perfect 10 commemorative hoodie.  All members must be officially on your team by 10/1/17.

Club Discount

Any team with 20 or more runners is eligible for a team discount code. Email us now for your team code.



Free Tent or Private Port A John

Reservations can be made starting on 9/1/17

20+ members you will receive a 10 x 10 tent or Private port a potty at the Finish Line Festival.

50+ members you will receive both a tent and private port a potty at the Finish Line Festival.

100+ member you receive a tent AND 2 private port a potties at the Finish Line Festival.

*You must reserve your tent/port a john by March 10th. 


Team Reserved Port a Potty


This means only the registered clubs/teams can use these designated facilities. It is not an individual port a potty for each team. See above to get your own individual team port a potty.



Teams will be awarded points for a) Participation b) Competitive and c) "Super" Points. All teams are automatically entered to win fabulous team prizes! First Place: $750 Second Place: $500 Third Place: $250

Team UP™ Scoring Details





Captains will choose "create a team" on your entry form when registering for the race.


Note: The first person to create the team will automatically be assigned as the team captain.  Your team will automatically be created and you can begin inviting members. You can change your team captain at any time by emailing us.



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