New Jersey Half Marathon at Rutgers University


Prize Money

*Note - there are no cash prizes for the 8K race. The prize money below is for the half marathon only.
Overall Male
Overall Female
1st Place: $500             
1st Place: $500       
Team Up Challenge
Club or Team
1st Place Competitive: $1,000
1st Place Participation: $500

Elite Athletes

Runners who can document an elite performance better than or equal to the top three finishers (M/F) in any Unite Half Marathon or a top five overall finish (minimum number of finishers 500)  may submit a request for an elite complimentary entry into the 2013 half marathon event. Each request must provide the web address for the race results that document a comparable performance recorded within the last two years. Complimentary entries are limited to the first (10) men and first (10) women who meet the above criteria.
Please note that the Unite Half Marathon does not provide appearance fees, travel reimbursement, or lodging.

Email your request to with the subject: "Elite/Complimentary entry request."
Deadline for applications: March 15th.