New Jersey Half Marathon at Rutgers University


Team UP


Team racing is what sets CGI Racing apart. We have built a community of teams that bring unparalleled enthusiasm and spirit to our races.  In simple terms, it's so much fun when you finish with a team. 

We are expecting hundreds of teams from local running clubs, triathlon clubs, charity groups and corporate teams, so let us know where you're located and we'll hook you up with incredible groups in the running community working towards the same goal.

Have Fun and Finish Strong!

To Register A Team

1. Register Individually Now and create your team by either 1) creating a new team if you do NOT see your team name on the entry form drop down box or 2) choose your team name from the drop down menu on the entry form.

2. Officially Register Your Team's Roster Page - your team members will be automatically populated to your team roster (this may take a few days so be patient) and then you can view your roster here.

Join a Team Now or View Your Team Roster**You must have a minimum of 10 members to race as a team.


We Get What??! Club Discount - any team with 20 or more runners is eligible for a team discount code. Email us now for your team code. Discount codes will not be available until after the early bird fee which ends on 10/28/14.

Full Use of the Team Reserved Port a Potty - this means only the registered clubs/teams can use these designated facilities. It is not an individual port a potty for each team. See below to get your own individual team port a potty.

Free tent at the Finish Line Festival. Any club or team with 20 or more members will receive a 10 x 10 tent at the Finish Line festival. Tents are limited and you must pre-reserve your tent by February 5, 2014.

Don't want the tent how about your own private port a potty? That's right if you have a club tent and would like to substitute with your own private potty consider it done.  After all what kind of King/Queen would you be without a throne!


Teams will be awarded points for a) Participation b) Competitive and c) "Super" Points. All teams are automatically entered to win the cash prizes;

First Place $750   Second Place $500 Third Place $250

Team Up™ Scoring Details