Great Swag

We love swag – from the great technical shirt, to the free tent, to vanity bibs and finish medal bling you’re going to know why this is the Best Triathlon in New Jersey!

Premium Technical Shirt

Superior, performance technical shirt available in men’s and women’s cut.

Double Down – race both the sprint and olympic distances (Saturday & Sunday) and you also get this epic finisher’s shirt!

Awesome Finish Medal

Can you say BLING?! It’s all about the finish medal, right? Big medal, big accomplishment.

Wear it proudly.

You can’t buy it. You can’t steal it.

You have to earn it!

Team Discount Code

Any club with 20 or more members is eligible for a team discount code. Get your code now.

Free Beer (or Hard Seltzer) At Finish Party

Join us at the epic Beer (and More) Garden hosted by Blend Bar. Featuring White Claws, Bud Light, Golden Road Mango LOCAL IPA, Red/White Wine, & RTD Can cocktails.  Who says you can’t carb load AFTER the race?

Vanity Bib

Think Vanity Plate and be creative! Put your message on your bib..a nickname, a cause, your name (boring).

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